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General Surgery

General Surgery

From routine procedures, such as spays and neuters and removal of small lumps and bumps, to more complex procedures, such as emergency abdominal surgeries or minor orthopedic procedures, the doctors at Alder Creek are excellent surgeons and ready to assist you in your pet's needs.  


We offer the latest in anesthetic protocols and monitoring to make surgery as safe as possible for your animal.  Our anesthesia is carefully calculated for your pet individually, and is based on a variety of factors including: weight, body type, age, and breed.  Once your animal is under anesthesia they are constantly supervised by one of the highly trained veterinary technicians on our staff.  We monitor your pet's vital signs including: heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, carbon dioxide output, pulse oximetry, and EKG.  After surgery, our technicians continue to constantly supervise your pet to help them recover as quickly and comfortably as possible. 

Pain Management

At Alder Creek we take pain management seriously.  Our comprehensive approach to pain management assures that your pet will remain comfortable before, during and after surgical and dental procedures.  By treating your pet as an individual and paying attention to their pain management needs we help them to remain pain-free and happy.