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We offer a wide range of services targeted to help breeders provide the highest quality care for their breeding animals and offspring.  

Artificial Insemination

We perform several different types of artificial insemination in bitches.  First is the traditional vaginal method, where fresh semen is placed in the vagina next to the cervix using a pipette.  Next is surgical artificial insemination.  Our veterinarians place semen directly into the uterus via a small abdominal incision.  This method is used for insemination with chilled or frozen semen.  

Pregnancy Diagnosis

This is accomplished with two main methods.  Pregnancy can be detected earliest using an ultrasound.  We typically ultrasound between 25-35 days gestation.  This allows for the best viewing of fetuses present and can also allow for viewing of fetal heartbeats.

For later detection of pregnancy, radiographs can be done after 45 days of gestation.  This method gives the most accurate puppy count.

A last method, and not as often used, is measuring the pregnancy hormone relaxin.   This method can be used after 22 days gestation. The disadvantage of this method is that it only gives a yes or no diagnosis for pregnancy.

Semen Collection and Evaluation

This service allows us to collect semen for artificial insemination and then evaluate the quality of the collected semen.  Semen is evaluated for color, volume, concentration, motility, and morphological abnormalities.  

Semen Freezing and Storage

We are pleased to now be able to offer this service to stud dog owners who would like to preserve breeding doses of semen for future use.  To accomplish this semen is collected and evaluated for quality.  Then, we freeze the collection using proven extenders for maximum viability of thawed semen.  Straws of semen obtained can then be stored on-site for years in liquid nitrogen.  We are also able to offer shipping of collected and frozen semen across the United States.